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Kids, Learning and PIE L.L.C.

Learning and fun come together with the story of Frankie Forklift and Friends. Young kids will love the cute and fun characters while parents will enjoy the positive messages and quality family time. “Frankie Forklift and Friends, Frankie’s First Day of Work” kicks off the first in a series of books from Kids, Learning and PIE. Our goal is to help kids learn and grow in a constructive way by using fun stories that Frankie and his friends go through in and out of a warehouse. Kids, Learning and PIE L.L.C. is excited to bring to life Powered Industrial Equipment (PIE) to help kids learn life lessons like asking for help when you need it, listening when asked to do a task and that it’s better to do good work than it is to be the fastest worker.

When we first introduced the series with Frankie’s First Day at Work, our main goal was to introduce children to the material handling industry using relatable characters while teaching simple life lessons and providing an overall safety message. While this is still our primary goal, we have expanded that thinking to inspire children to one day explore the opportunity of a career in the material handling/forklift industry. This industry that I have been part of for more than 25 years, is much larger than anyone would expect – almost everything we purchase has been touched in one way or another by the material handling industry! We will continue to bring you books in the series as well as other platforms (coloring books, plush toys, sticker books and so much more) to inspire kids to learn about the world around them while making it fun to be part of the huge warehouse we all live in. For those of you in the industry, Frankie Forklift says “see you in the warehouse”.

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