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Frankie Forklift and Friends is a series of children's books that follows our main character, Frankie, through his adventures in a warehouse – Each story brings to life different characters from the material handling industry called powered industrial equipment (PIE) – The first book introduces Frankie Forklift, Tony Towmotor, Petee Pallet and Sally Shrinkwrap – The story revolves around Frankie’s first day at work.

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Frankie's First day At Work - Page Excerpt 1

In each story, our goal is for kids to embrace these unique characters while learning simple life lessons such as you need to brush your teeth, pick up your toys, the importance of safety, ask your friends for help and slow down, try to do it right the first time.

Frankie's First Day At Work - Page Excerpt 2

Join Frankie on his next adventure called Frankie Unloads His First Truck where we find Frankie afraid to try new things and afraid of the dark. In this story, we meet Billy Bob Truck and Rudy Rack.

See You In The Warehouse!

Billy Bob

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